Burglars Found Guilty of Murder in Elkhart, Indiana

crime-scene-by-CarbonNYCConfronting a burglar in your home is never a good idea, even if you're prepared to take action to protect yourself and your family. It's best left up to the police and a home security system. One homeowner in Elkhart, Indiana awoke from a nap on October 3, 2012 at the sound of a big boom. His back door had been kicked in by four teenage boys to burglarize his home. The homeowner grabbed his gun and went to investigate on and found the teenagers armed with knives. He then shot at killed one of the teenagers. The three other burglars have now been found guilty of felony murder after a long trial in Elkhart County Court. This all might have been prevented if the homeowner had installed a home security system.

Although this is a lesson to burglars that they are responsible for their accomplices' lives during a break-in, it won't do much to stop others from robbing homes. It should, however, change the way homeowner react to break-ins. Even though the homeowner in this instance was not the one on trial for the murder, the emotional weight of killing another person isn't worth defending your home on your own—instead, it should be left to law enforcement professionals to take control of the situation so it can be resolved without the use of deadly force.

The problem in this case is that the homeowner, instead of calling the police when he grabbed his cellphone, went to go investigate what was happening. Had the homeowner previously installed a home security system in his home, he would have known it was a break-in instead of having to find out what had happened. It's true that the noise could have easily been something else, like a water heater exploding, a gas line bursting, or something outside of the house. Without going to investigate the noise, the homeowner could have put himself into danger if it had been something other than a burglar. 

With a home security system, the homeowner would have known it was a burglary and to try to escape instead of confronting the burglars. Home security systems can also prevent burglaries too and while the teenagers were scoping out the home, they might have decided it wasn't worth the risk.

If you want to protect your family, the best thing to do is install a home security system.

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