Home Security Tips: Top 10 Worst Place to Hide Valuables

safeWill hiding your valuables in odd places help with home security?

Probably not. Leaving expensive electronics and jewelry where they're visible from a window or doorway is like an invitation to burglars, but that doesn't mean that hiding your valuables will prevent burglary.

Break-ins are rarely clean and tidy-- burglars will turn your house inside out if they have time. An alarm system helps keep burglars from breaking in and the alarm will keep them from taking time to search, but hiding things in an unprotected home won't discourage burglars at all.

Here’s a list of common hiding places where burglars look first. We bet that you may even be using one of these places now.

  • Underneath your bed You probably hid things under your bed as a kid so no one would find your treasures. So did burglars. It’ll be the first place they check.
  • Drawers Drawers are meant for storing things, obviously, and are very easy to dump out for easy searching. When a burglar enters your home, he’ll pull all the drawers out, tip them out on the floor, and quickly rummage through for what he wants. And since they’re storage areas, it’s not hard to figure out that’s where you’d keep things.
  • Freezer You might like the idea of cold, hard, cash, but so do lots of other people. Thieves will check the most popular hiding places and freezers are a favorite hiding place for many people.
  • Behind something Books on shelves, boxes in closets, behind the couch--these are all favorite places to hide things. Burglars know this and quickly throw anything out of the way to get to where you might had hidden valuables, tossing books across the room or breaking boxes with heirloom mementos to get at better things.
  • Cereal boxes or fake canisters You can find any number of hollow containers across the internet to store your valuables in. One thing you’ll notice is that they never look right and stick out like a sore thumb when you put it where it’s supposed to “belong.” Cereal boxes are always a favorite hiding place, which means whether you use it or not, you’ll have cereal all over your kitchen after a break-in.
  • Safes Safes seem like the perfect place to store valuables because they prevent grab-and-go robberies. But unless your safe is built into the wall, the burglar will just grab it and try to break it open later. An easy to open safe or one that can be easily removed from its place just gathers up your goods conveniently for the burglar.
  • Medicine Cabinet Thieves will check this place first to make a quick buck selling any medicines they can. Typically they just take it all -- including anything you’d stashed away in an an old pill bottle or fake container.
  • Toilet We’ve all see it in the movies--storing cash in plastic baggies in the water tank of the toilet. If you’ve seen the movies, the thieves probably have too.
  • Children’s rooms Burglars won't be too sentimental to search the kids' rooms. Plus, with all the electronics and expensive toys modern kids have, they’re a prime spot for great grab and go robberies. The last thing you want is a robber in your kid’s room.
  • Dirty laundry If you think burglars are going to stop robbing you because you have some nasty smelling gym socks, you’d be very wrong. They’re taking huge risks robbing you so a little thing like that will not deter them from searching in your laundry.

Even if you don’t hide valuables in your home, robbers will check all of these places, throwing and breaking whatever is in the way. Robberies are messy crimes and not only will you be missing valuables but your house will be a complete wreck and take time to clean up. Instead, install and alarm system and prevent it before it happens.

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