Frequently Asked Questions

Security Systems, Home Automation, Monitoring & More

Can 1st Security take over my existing system?

Yes, we can take over or use almost any system.  Please see our page on Existing Security Systems.

How much is monitoring?

Monitoring cost range depending on services provided.  Monitoring can be as low as $19.99.

Can I add on to the system after the initial installation?

Yes, you can add on to your system at any time.

What happens if I move?

1st Security is there for you during your move and can move your system to a new location.  In certain cases, we can offer a brand new system.

Can I control my alarm system from a mobile device?

Yes, 1st Security is powered by and can use Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 or later, and Apple watch.

Am I required to have an installer come to my house or can I install the security system myself?

1st Security offers professional installation as well as Do It Yourself options.

Do I need to check for permits or registration in my area?

No, 1st Security will take care of any permit or registration (fee may apply for registration).

Do pets trigger motion detectors?

Only pets over 40 lbs are capable of triggering motion sensors. To safeguard against pet-triggered alarms, we place motions 7 feet or higher.  Your sales consultant can help with this decision.

I don’t have a landline phone, can I still get a monitored system?

Yes, 1st Security offers cellular monitoring with WiFi back up (dual path technology).  You don’t need a home telephone line to have a system with 1st Security.  Cellular monitoring with is the most reliable monitoring available.

How is 1st Security different than other security companies?

1st Security is a family owned business.  We offer the same service and protection that we would give to one of our family members.  Unlike other companies, we understand that one type of system doesn’t fit every house.  We customize every system to fit your specific needs and concerns.  3 doors and motion is not protection, it is the semblance of protection.

Can I get home automation with my system?

Yes, 1st Security supports most Z wave home automation devices.  Contact our technical department for more details.