Home Automation & Security Systems in Leesburg, VA

Home and Office Security from 1st Security USA

Home Controller- Leesburg VA

1st Security USA provides home and office security systems and technologies nationwide. Our skillful professionals, with over 20 years worth of alarm and security system knowledge expertise, offer the greatest in security cameras, keypads, door and window sensors, wireless doorbell cameras and more.  With three times the protection at half the price, you can always count on 1st Security USA to protect your home and loved ones.

Home Automation in Leesburg, VA

1st Security USA’s home automation systems provides full control of your system from a mobile app on your smart devices, allowing you to can unlock and lock garage doors as well as set rules to enable user codes during specific times. You can even set it up to get alerts when a visitor unlocks and locks the door, manage your thermostat, light brightness, and set light schedules from your smart phone or tablet, making it hard for anyone to tell when you are away.  Find out more about our home automation systems here.

Security Cameras & Security Sensors in Leesburg, VA

1st Security USA’s security cameras stream HD videos of your home in real time.  You can send video alerts, send smart clip captures, and more all from your smart phone or device from your camera. 1st Security USA’s wireless doorbell camera allows you to answer the door, use two-way audio to speak with your visitors, record doorbell triggered clips, and set motion triggered automation rules while you are away.  Find out more about our security cameras here.

1st Security USA also produces top of the line security sensors to protect every possible opening to your home or office. The IQ Glass is specially designed to protect windows. Triggered by the pitch and frequency of breaking glass, they are effective within 25′ of the windows. Find out more about our security sensors here.

Security Mobile Apps in Leesburg, VA

With 1st Security USA’s mobile app, you can conveniently control your home automation and security system through your own Apple and Amazon devices.  With ease, you can arm and disarm your system, check the arming status, receive notifications, control lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers, see video clips and live look ins. With Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, you can view up to four live streaming videos or you can use your Apple Watch to adjust your lights, locks, garage door, and more. Find out more about our mobile app here.

Security Keypads in Leesburg, VA

Reliable and user friendly, 1st Security USA’s keypad panels are armed with a built in camera, touch panic alarms, voice notification and the luxury of opening windows and doors even while the system is armed.  With a built in signal, our keypad will warn the police if anyone or anything should try to destroy it. It also takes a picture every disarm or attempt to disarm. Find out more about our security keypads here.