High Quality and Affordable Security Systems in Alexandria, VA

1st Security USA has the top-of-the-line security products and services nationwide. We provide you with the tools you need to live and travel stress free.  From home automation systems to a variety of cameras  and sensors that can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet, 1st Security has you covered.

Home Automation in Alexandria, VA

Monitor your home with 1st Security USA’s home automation systems. Your entire security system can be managed from a app for your mobile device or tablet. Change lighting patterns when your away, control locks, and manage your security systems on one easy network. You can even control you light modules for when someone rings the doorbell and get alerts every time when visitors unlock or lock the door.

And with our Z-Wave Home Automation system, you have the ability to adjust thermostats, pool and spa control, access controls, lighting, HVAC and more. For more information, click

Outdoor Security Cameras in Alexandria, VA

Our security cameras are feature continuous high definition recording, video alerts, smart clip capture with cloud storage and anytime live streaming. 1st Security has 6 unique cameras that can be connected with a new or existing home automation system. Multiple cameras in different locations can be viewed on a single screen, with the ability to adjust your camera’s position right from your smart phone or tablet.

Our Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras can give you total control, being able to see, hear and speak to visitors as well as connecting other sensors and devices around the home to allow for more control at the front door. Smart entry solutions can be used to grant visitors with temporary access. To learn more about our security cameras, click here.

Security Sensors in Alexandria, VA

1st Security USA has a variety of security sensors. Our Carbon Monoxide Detector, Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensors and Image Sensors keep any home safe and secure. Our motion detectors react to inferred heat of anything over 40lbs and our image sensors contain a camera the captures still photos that will be sent to your panel and your mobile device. Our “Peek in Now” feature allows you total control of your home while you are away. To learn more about our security sensors, click here.

Best Smart Security Company in Silver Spring, MD

1st Security offers a touchscreen keypad as a way to monitor your home security systems. With voice notification abilities, touch panic alarms and a built in camera, you can access your system from one place. Our “Smash and Crash” system will send a pre-alarm to the monitoring center where police will be dispatched to your home if a burglar tries to destroy the panel. To learn more about our keypad systems, click here.

We can even link your Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Apple Watch up with your security system, allowing you to watch up to four simultaneous video streams from the couch or use a voice command on your Amazon Echo to control all your devices. To learn more about our mobile apps, click here.