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Glass Break Detector- Bethesda MD

With 20 years of security system experience, 1st Security USA offers 20 years of the best in home and office security systems and technologies. Our highly skilled professionals have two decades worth of alarm and security system knowledge. We provide the most up-to-date security cameras, keypads, door and window sensors, wireless doorbell cameras and more.  1st Security USA offers the most competitive priced alarm systems in the nation with three times the protection at half the price.

Home Automation in Bethesda, MD

Use your smart phone or tablet to control our home automation systems. You can unlock and lock garage doors, set rules to enable user codes during specific times, and even get alerts when a visitor locks and unlocks your doors. Successfully manage your thermostat, light brightness, set light schedules, and more, making it hard for anyone to tell when you are away.

Have total control from the palm of your hand with the Z-Wave Home Automation system. This system grant you to control electrical outlets, fans, thermostats and locks, and more. The Z-Wave Home Automation system also find ways for you to save energy. Our home automation systems puts control back in your hands. Find out more about our home automation systems here.

Security Cameras & Security Sensors in Bethesda, MD

Security cameras are are very popular item for our customers in Bethesda, MD. 1st Security USA’s security cameras stream real-time HD videos of your home from multiple cameras. You also get video alerts, receive smart clip captures, and enjoy continuous recording all from your smart phone or device.

Our wireless doorbell camera is easy to use and install.  Alaways know who is at your door.  You can answer the door, use two-way audio to speak with your visitors, record doorbell triggered clips, and set motion triggered automation rules, and more all from an app on your smartphone. Find out more about our security cameras here.

1st Security USA offers security sensors for every possible opening to your home or office. Our window and door motion sensors capture inferred heat in objects over 40lbs and have still photos sent to your security panel or mobile device. We carry all kinds of sensors including flood sensors, the IQ Tilt that tells your panel whether the garage door is opened or closed, smoke detectors, and more. Find out more about our security sensors here.

Security Mobile Apps in Bethesda, MD

with 1st Security USA’s mobile application, you can take control of your home automation and security system while using your favorite home devices, including your Apple and Amazon devices. Our mobile app gives you full control of your security system through your Apple watch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Amazon Echo. View up to four live streaming videos on your TV through Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. Use your Apple Watch to adjust your lights, locks, and garage door. We make it easy to sync your current technologies with your new or existing security system. Find out more about our mobile app here.

Security Keypads in Bethesda, MD

1st Security USA’s keypads are user friendly and dependable. Our keypads include a built in camera, touch panic alarms, voice notification and the convenience of opening windows and doors even while the system is armed.  The keypads also have a built in signal that will be go off if anything should try to dismantle it. If anyone tries to destroy your keypad panel, a signal with be sent out and will notify the police and they will be dispatched to your home right away. Find out more about our security keypads here.