1st Security Services – Cleveland, OH

Security Sensors – Cameras – Home Automation – Keypads – Mobile Apps

1st Security USA provides all the tools homeowners need to properly secure their homes. With the latest technology and extensive knowledge in security control, our technicians are ready to help you take the next step to protecting your belongings and loved ones.

Security Sensors in Cleveland, OH

We offer a wide selection of motion detectors, flood sensors, image sensors and glass break technology. Our IQ Glass recognizes when glass has broken and alerts the homeowner. Motion detectors can be installed to detect infrared heat in anything over 40lbs. Image sensors work similarly to motion detectors however they contain a built in camera that will take pictures if the alarm is triggered. These pictures are then sent to your panel and mobile device. To learn more about our security sensors, click here.

Security/Doorbell Cameras in Cleveland, OH

Choose from any 6 of our security cameras here at 1st Security. Our cameras feature live streaming capabilities, video alerts sent to your email or phone, continuous recording, and smart clip capture. Multiple cameras can be viewed from one location using your smart phone or tablet and cameras can be titled or moved remotely allowing you more control when you are away.

For those that desire more interaction and control from their front door, 1st Security’s Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera allows homeowners to see, hear and speak to visitors. A smart entry solution can be used to unlock the front door if the visitor is welcome. Our doorbell cameras can be connected with other sensors and devices around the home. To learn more about our cameras, click here.

Home Automation in Cleveland, OH

Our home automation systems put you in control of your home even when you are not close by. Through the use of one app you can control light modules, adjust lights to a specific time frequency or give visitors temporary access with unlock codes that alert you when they enter or leave your home.

Control all electronics in your home through the use of one network using the Z-Wave Home Automation System. Adjust lights, electrical outlets, security systems, thermostats, irrigation, door locks and more. This system make energy saving much easier and puts you in complete control. To learn more about our home automation systems, click here.

Keypad Systems in Cleveland, OH

Full access touchscreen panels allow you to control every aspect of your security system. Aside from features like voice notification, touch panic alarms and a built in camera, 1st Security’s keypad has a “Smash and Crash” feature that will notify police who are then dispatched to your home if a burglar tries to destroy the panel. To learn more about our keypad systems, click here.

Security Mobile Apps in Cleveland, OH

Using technology that you already own you can control locks, thermostats, garage openers and more from the touch of a button on the device of your choice. With apps for Apple watch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Echo, you can choose which device you want to use for monitoring your home security system from afar. To learn more about our mobile apps, click here.