1st Security Services – Virginia

Cameras – Security Sensors – Home Automation – Keypads – Mobile Apps

Protect your home with the latest in security technology. 1st Security combines high quality HD cameras with smart home automation systems to protect your home from potential threats. Our system can be controlled through touchscreen keypad panels and even smart phones and tablets.

Security/Doorbell Cameras in Virginia

Choose from 6 unique cameras that offer features such as night vision, smart clip capture, continuous recording and live HD streaming. Set customized triggers by time, day, motion and camera that if set off, an alert will be sent to your email or phone. Pre and post alarm footage can also be sent to your mobile device. Use your smart phone or tablet to control and tilt cameras when you are away.

For those needing more control at the front door, 1st Security’s doorbell cameras do just that. With the ability to see, hear and even speak to the visitor at the front door, you can grant them access to your home via temporary codes. To learn more about our security cameras, click here.

Security Sensors in Virginia

Intruders can enter from many areas in a home. Protect entry points such as windows with our glass break technology that is triggered by the pitch of breaking glass. Motion sensors can be placed around the home to detect anything over 40lbs using inferred heat. Image sensors capture footage of the intruder and also allows you to “Peek in Now.” To learn more about our security sensors in Virginia, click here.

Home Automation in Virginia

Save energy on your home with 1st Security’s Smart Thermostat. Set location based rules to adjust the temperature when you’re away and when you are returning. Our Smart Schedules also give you the control to adjust your lights throughout the day making it hard for anyone to determine if you are gone. These features can be used through the use of our mobile app.

1st Security’s Z-Wave technology connects multiple electronic devices around your home from pool and spa controls and lighting to your HVAC system and thermostat. Enjoy having all your electronics connected on one network. To learn more about our home automation systems in Virginia, click here.

Touchscreen Keypad Systems in Virginia

Enjoy using 1st Security’s Qolsys 7″ IQ Touchscreen Keypad to control almost everything in your security system. Adjust your locks, lights, thermostats and much more. With voice notification and touch panic alarms, this keypad does it all. With a “Smash and Crash” feature that dispatches police if the burglar tries to destroy the panel, you will be ready for anything. We also provide the 2 Gig Touchscreen keypad which allows for 32 user codes and contains our built in Z-Wave technology. To learn more about our keypad panels in Virginia, click here.

Security Mobile Apps in Virginia

Our easy to use mobile apps put control back in your hands. Manage your cameras and home automation through the ease and familiarity of your smart phone or tablet. Use your Amazon Fire or Apple TV to stream up to four live videos simultaneously or check in on your Amazon Echo or Apple Watch for alerts or to adjust something on your security system. To learn more about our mobile apps for technology you already own, click here.