1st Security Services – Youngstown, OH

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We take pride in knowing that our system will detect a burglar before they get in your home. Our security sensors, home automation systems and cameras are equipped with the latest technology to give you and your family the assurance of safety that you need.

Security Sensors in Youngstown, OH

From smoke detectors to image sensors, 1st Security offers a variety of tools to help secure and monitor your home. Our motion detectors detect infrared heat in bodies over 40 lbs. This can be used with any of our door/window sensors, cameras, and home automation systems to ensure a secured home. For more information about other sensors offered at 1st Security, click here.

Home Automation in Youngstown, OH

With home automation, you can be in control of your home even when you’re not close by. Our entire system allows you to control locks, security systems, and even the pattern of lighting when your away through the use of one app. Set light control modules to adjust when someone rings the doorbell or give visitors temporary access with unlock codes that alert you every time they unlock or lock the door.

To help control and monitor your thermostat and much more from afar, 1st Security offers the Z-Wave Home Automation systems. This system allows for even more control over your home’s energy savings and other features including lighting, security, HVAC, home theaters, pool and spa controls, access controls and more. This system connects all home electronics into one network. For more information about our home automation systems, click here.

Security/Doorbell Cameras in Youngstown, OH

1st Security offers six unique security cameras that can be paired together with your home automation system in Youngstown, OH. Features include instant video alerts, continuous high definition recording, smart clip capture with cloud storage and anytime live streaming. Alerts can be sent to you via email or text and multiple cameras in different locations can be viewed on a single screen.

1st Security also offers a Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera that gives homeowners the ability to see, hear and speak to visitors. If the homeowner feels comfortable with letting the visitor in, a smart entry solution can be used to unlock the door. This camera can be connected with other sensors and devices around the home. To learn more about our cameras, click here.

Security Mobile Apps in Youngstown, OH

1st Security gives you complete control of your home with devices you already own. Control locks, thermostats, garage openers and more from the touch of a button on your Apple watch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Amazon Echo. Check in with continuous live video streaming on your Amazon Fire TV or get alerts on your Apple watch when your security system detects movement. To learn more about all of our mobile apps, click here.

Keypad Systems in Youngstown, OH

Control your entire security system from one touchscreen keypad. Aside from features like a built in camera, voice notification and touch panic alarms, our keypad has a special feature that will notify police who are then dispatched if a burglar tries to destroy the panel. Don’t miss out on the full access touchscreen panels provided by 1st Security. To learn more about our keypad features, click here.